Katherine Arline
Ms. Arline is the publisher of Wind River Press and the editor of Critique's sister-site, The Paumanok Review, in addition to work as a web designer and fiction writer.

Standaert in AntwerpMichael Standaert
Managing Editor
Mr. Standaert is a freelance writer currently living in Iowa City, Iowa. He has worked as a journalist in the U.S. and Europe over the last few years, and helped found Besides journalism, his fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in a variety of print and online magazines. He has completed two novels and is now working on a third, The Adventures of the Pisco Kid.

Maya Mirsky
Managing Editor, Europe
Ms. Mirsky is a writer and editor currently based in Budapest, Hungary. Although she has settled down to the life of an expatriate, she still considers herself a Californian. She attended the University of California, Santa Cruz and received a degree in Politics with an emphasis on theory. Besides writing, she translates and edits academic and business texts.

Clarissa Aykroyd
Staff Writer
Ms. Aykroyd is a graduate of the University of Victoria, BC. Her work has been published in several journals (The Heroic Age, Canadian Holmes) and newspapers (The Vancouver Sun, Victoria Times Colonist). She has authored three children’s history book on the exploration of California, Native American horsemanship, and the history of Mexico, and is currently working on a book about modern Egypt. She has also written fiction, poetry, travel writing, and other genres. Her interests include Arthurian legend, medieval history, Sherlock Holmes, and music. She lives in Victoria.

Michelle BissonMichelle Bisson
Staff Writer
Ms. Bisson has lived at both ends of the nation, and has returned to her native New York. Her first one-act play, Mrs. Rothman, won a Seattle Arts Commission grant and was produced at the New City Theater, as was her second, Prisons. Currently, she is at work on a memoir while not working at her day job as editorial director of a non-fiction children's book company. Wherever and whatever she does, Bisson can accurately be termed a workaholic.

Christina Gosnell
Staff Writer
Ms. Gosnell is is a full-time freelance writer who shares a great love for the written word in its many forms. She is currently finishing up an ebook as well as work on a novel that she calls, "Her greatest work in progress." She's done many projects including work on textbooks, how-to pieces, and personal essays. You'll always find a book in her hand wherever she goes.

Janie Franz
Staff Writer
Janie Franz still calls herself a Southerner (she was born in Tennessee) though she has spent half her life living in North Dakota. She holds a degree in anthropology and boasts having an unquenchable curiosity. She got her first writing check when she was sixteen, and it took her nearly thirty years to get another one. Since then, her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online, both in this country and overseas. She has written about everything, from chefs and dentists to wind energy and professional landscaping to diseases and wine to spirituality and art. Her real love is music, though she can only play a little blues harmonica herself and doesnŐt dare sing in public. She has been able to score celebrity interviews with music icons like B.B. King.

She is the author of Freelance Writing: It's a Business, Stupid! (Sweet River Press 2004) and co-author of The Ultimate Wedding Reception (Long Pig Publishing 2001, Giving Tree Press 2002). She is working on a companion workbook and the next in the series about wedding ceremonies. And, as the Director of Where the Spirit Dances Creative Arts, she travels to rural communities teaching yoga and ethnic dance.

She has been happily married to a musician for twenty-eight years, and they have a daughter who is an artist and a son who works as a sous chef in between gigs with his own band.

Paul Holler
Staff Writer
Mr. Holler is a writer of books for children and short stories. His short stories have appeared in Skylark and other print publications as well as various on-line journals. His children's book, Nicholas and the Whales, is now available in electronic format from You can visit him online at

Gangadharan Marudhan
Staff Writer
Mr. Marudhan is based in Chennai, India and divides his time between work, reading and writing. With psychology as a minor and English as a major in post-graduate work, he is presently employed as a Systems Coordinator in a logistics organisation. Apart from writing, his chief interest lies in reading a wide range of books with a particular focus towards nonfiction works, travelogues and classics. He has developed an inclination to produce essays, columns, short stories and reviews, which are presently being published

Elizabeth Routen
Freelance Writer
Ms. Routen is the author of the recently released short story collection Voices on the Stair. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming from more than forty publications including Story Digest, Vincent Brothers Review, and The Newport Review. She is a staff writer for Storyteller Magazine. You can visit her online at

Allegra Wong
Staff Writer
Ms. Wong is a poet, essayist, and modern autobiographer. She has won three nominations for the Pushcart Prize. She has done extensive graduate work in English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University where her research focused on modern autobiography. Her poetry and prose have been published in numerous journals including: Modern Haiku; Turnstile; 3rd Bed; Oyster Boy Review; The Montserrat Review; The 2River View; Brevity; Linnaean Street; The Paumanok Review; and (Harvard) Scriptorium. Her first collection of autobiographical writings is under review for publication, and she is currently working on a second collection. She teaches at Writers On the Net She divides her time between New York City and Boston, MA. She has one son.