Included here are links for academic and literary research, aid, and scholarship. Some accept submissions. Please advise us of additions and dead pages.

SCIENCE e-Print Archive
Physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computer science. No longer accepting lay submissions. Extensive published and speculative archive of full-length papers.
Michio Kaku Online
Author of Hyperspace and other science texts for lay readers. This site offers additional essays, updates, and clarifications on superstring and M-theory.


Burbage’s The National Company of Writers
Chronicle Books
Context Books
Serious nonfiction, current affairs, and world literature.
Counterpoint Press
Digital Stories

Dorling Kindersley

Hacker Art Books
Harper Collins Publishers
Harvard Business School Press

Houghton Mifflin
Houghton Mifflin's nine divisions produce publications and materials for all ages

Minerva Press
An independent publisher, producing a range of titles in many different categories, but specialising in the publication of books by new authors.
Newmarket Press
The first electronic book publisher to offer contemporary fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, and magazines for reading on handheld computers including the Palm Organizer, Handspring Visor, and Pocket PC machines
Penguin Putnam Inc.
Perrenial Classics
A Divison of Harper Collins Publishers
Perseus Publishing
Perseus Publishing publishes in the fields of business, science, health, parenting, psychology and general nonfiction.

Posterity Press
"Posterity Press creates new books of enduring value--often in small printings, always in excellent editions. We publish both "private" titles and trade books intended for trade distribution and national audiences. Collaborating with writers, editors and independent designers, Posterity Press takes particular pride in making exceptional books in terms of editing, content, style, appearance and physical form."

Prentice Hall Press
The world's leading publisher of academic and reference textbooks.
Princeton University Press
Random House
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
An international publisher that specializes in books on business, technology and finance
The Modern Library
The Gale Group

The Toby Press
"The Toby Press offers you never-previously published books from American and British writers. Both first- time novelists of exceptional talent and long-established and experienced writers are represented."

The University of California Press
Time Warner Trade Publishing
Wiley Computer Publishing
Wiley Trade Publishers
Wind River Press
Critique's parent. Also publishes The Paumanok Review and literary fiction and nonfiction books.


American Society of Journalists and Authors
Award Winning Books
Indicies for Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, etc.
Bandanna Books College Writing Contest
Free classic literature eBooks

Canadian Writing Organizations
A comprehensive list.
Canadian Authors Association Student Writing Contest
Center for American History
Useful for historical fiction writers.
Clay Tablets: The Ancient Art of Writing
Contest and general links for all writers.
Creative Writing for Kids
Resources, contests, and more. A must for parents and kids.

Dusty Lizard
New literary magazine edited by Matt Kerfoot.

Grammar & Writing
Contains pertinent information to answer just about any grammar question you can pose.

Jennifer LB Leese
Maryland Author

John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center
Incredible index of link to writing resources, zines, biographies, and software. No longer updated.

JV Harlee
Fantasy Writer

Lord Byron Webring
National Geographic Online
National Writers Union
National Writing Centers Association Page
Links, resources, discussion groups, and more.
National Writing Project
This site is dedicated to improving the quality of language arts education in schools. Links to sites in every state. A great resource for educators.
Newtopia Magazine
"Newtopia is one of today's most challenging and provocative journals.  Exceptionally cogent in its analysis and mature in its contents, Newtopia reflects the standard for which all serious publications should strive."
     — Hartford Courant
New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing Associations
Online user interface for easier reading of Project Gutenberg titles
Places for Publishers
Poets & Writers, Inc.
Professional source for jobs, news, publishing information, and more.
Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
An end-all list of "all known publishers" homepages, and their publications.
List form. More direct than "Publishers' Catalogues."
The Eleven Rules of Writing
Source for online grammar and general writing information.
The English Server
A site for arts and humanities, eBooks and more.
The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
Regional and National competitions for students.
The Short Mystery Fiction Society
The Treasure Chest
"A Resource for Writing Contests, Conferences, and Information."
The Writing Conference, Inc.
Annual writing contest in poetry, narration, expository, etc.
Ulysses for Dummies
Writer's Digest
Writers Center
Links, publications, news, etc.
Writers Write Writing Contests page
Writing Contest Directory
Extensive listing.
Writing Links
A source for publishing house, organizations, booksellers, reviews, and publications for writers.
Writing Organizations
Writing-Publishing and Contests
A link containing resources, organizations, markets, contests, and more.